Make Sure You’re Prepared to Protect Yourself in an Active Shooter Situation

Being in an active shooter situation can be a terrifying experience for anyone. Our active shooter training is designed to give you the skills necessary to protect yourself. At Pugh Self Protection, we’ve created training programs that can help you accurately assess your situation and stay safe.

Our active shooter training includes:

  • Video analysis of actual incidents.
  • Discussions of tactics to maximize survival.
  • Low-stress role-playing scenarios.
  • Information on the typical profile, characteristics, and tendencies of active shooters.

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We have three different levels of active shooter training available:

  • Level One: At this level, you’ll receive the basic training you need to maximize survival without being armed. You’ll attend a short lecture on how active shooters operate, receive an analysis of previous incidents, and be shown tactics to protect yourself. Afterward, there will be practical exercises to help you practice what you’ve learned.
  • Level Two: This level will build on the lessons learned in Level One and is designed to help participants build skills to protect themselves from multiple shooters. Like with Level One, participants will have the opportunity to test what they’ve learned in role-playing scenarios.
  • Level Three: This level builds on the skills learned in the previous levels and is designed to help refine and amplify your abilities. You’ll begin with a refresher of the previous two levels, then work with a professional to grow your skills from there.

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