Learn How to Defend Yourself without a Weapon

Unarmed ChAD Self-Defense

You might be unarmed, but you have options. 

Unarmed, however, doesn’t mean defenseless. Learn how to effectively prevent an incident and protect yourself when it happens. At Pugh Self Protection, we can help you learn the skills necessary to keep yourself safe.

Our Unarmed ChAD™ Self-Defense courses will cover the following:

  • The fundamental skills and concepts of behavior for self-protection.
  • Potential non-physical resolutions to different incidents.
  • How your body responds to crises and the results of that stress. You will know how it feels now, so you will feel empowered later. 
  • The behaviors and motivations of typical assailants.
  • Use of force laws and the aftermath of being in a self-protection incident.

“(As a woman, I didn’t believe I had the physical presence to fend off a male attacker. PSP Techniques taught me how to take control of the situation. Thank you, Zach! – CD)”

Offering a Range of Self-Defense Courses

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Our unarmed self-protection courses include:

  • The Essentials: Before you take any of our other courses, you’ll be required to start here. This will cover all of the basic skills, drills, and concepts necessary should you need to defend yourself. It may include a lecture portion in addition to physical training, depending on the course structure.
  • Mass Assault: This course will teach you the necessary skills to protect yourself should you be dealing with more than one attacker.
  • Non-Bipedal Fighting: You may not always be on your feet during a fight. This course will teach you how to defend yourself should you end up kneeling, sitting, or otherwise on the ground.
  • Weapon Protection: Many assailants may come at you with a weapon. This course will go over how to protect yourself in these sorts of situations.
  • Fighting from Restricted Positions: An assailant may attempt to get you in a restricted position, such as a headlock or bear hug. In this course, you’ll learn how to fight and break out of these positions.
  • Home Invasion Readiness: When you take this training, we’ll come to your home and help you create a plan to prepare for any potential home invasions. This may include going over use of force laws, what to do if you’re home alone, and using improvised weapons. We will also help you run through potential scenarios so that you can feel prepared.
  • Control Tactics: Security personnel, law enforcement officers, and military personnel may need to have physical control over others during the course of duty. We can teach you how to do this effectively.
  • Custom Training: All of our courses can be customized to meet your specific needs; just contact us to learn more.

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