Helping Others Learn How to Defend Themselves

Pugh Self Protection is here to help others feel safer through superior training. The founder, Zachary Pugh, is a firearm expert, New York Certified Firearms Instructor, and has been studying self-protection for years. In addition, he’s been a full-time police officer since 2011. As such, he has extensive knowledge on how best to address a range of situations. He started the company because he realized no one else was offering the unique courses he could provide. All of the instructors and role-players he employs have extensive knowledge and training to make sure they can provide effective teaching. His goal is to help his clients have an enjoyable experience and to help them feel more confident in their abilities to defend themselves. Call today to ask about what courses are available.

Our Full Range of Services

trainee practicing shooter training

Active Shooter S.O.S. Training

Make sure that you can stay safe in an active shooter situation.

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unarmed security training

Unarmed ChAD Self-Defense

Learn how to defend yourself without a weapon with our training.

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armed self protection training

Armed ChAD Self-Defense

Learn how to properly use a firearm to keep yourself safe.

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security guard training

NY State Security Guard Courses

Obtain and maintain your security guard license with us.

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At Pugh Self Protection, we want to make sure that our clients are able to defend themselves effectively. Learn important skills by signing up for one of our courses. Call (607) 202-5999 or get in touch using the contact form to learn more about what we have available. We’re ready to help teach you the skills you need to stay safe.

We offer services in: