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In February 2018, we received our Federal Firearms License, as well as our New York State Firearms Dealer License, which allows us to buy, sell, & trade firearms & related accessories to the general public.

You can view our inventory in-person at our Elmira Heights, NY location or online at shop.PughSelfProtection.com.  You can order online!  We ship all non-firearm items, including ammunition, right to your door or you can choose self-pickup!

When you transfer your first firearm through us, the cost of your transfers will stay the same throughout the entire life of our business! Our current transfer fee is $25.00 per firearm.


Contact us if you have any questions.

Download Federal Firearms License PDF

Our Full Range of Services

trainee practicing shooter training

Active Shooter S.O.S. Training

Make sure that you can stay safe in an active shooter situation.

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unarmed security training

Unarmed ChAD Self-Defense

Learn how to defend yourself without a weapon with our training.

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armed self protection training

Armed ChAD Self-Defense

Learn how to properly use a firearm to keep yourself safe.

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security guard training

NY State Security Guard Courses

Obtain and maintain your security guard license with us.

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